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Bronze Bull and Bear Bookends

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Product Details

The bronze Bronze Bull and Bear Bookends are a classic gift for your stock broker. Each bronze bull or bear bookend is highly detailed with lifelike characteristics, and can be used as a decorative desktop statue, or to keep books organized on an office shelf. They feature a cast metal raging bull and bear in bronze walking across the ground.

Order these stock market bookends as a professional gift for your stock broker, or as your own financial decoration. They are true Wall Street accessories any broker is proud to display.

The bronze bull and bear bookends are perfect for a stock broker's office, desk or bookshelf at home as well, and make excellent Christmas gifts for an stock broker or financial adviser.

Bronze Bull and Bear Bookends Features

  • Lifelike bronze bull and bear statue bookends mounted to bronze base with green finish
  • Functional stock broker's gift and office decoration
  • Organizes books on desk or bookshelf
  • Decorative stock broker bookend or desktop statues
  • Excellent Christmas gift for stock broker or financial adviser
Bull and Bear Bookends Measure: 7" H

These classic bronze bull and bear bookends make excellent Wall Street gifts for financial employees, they can enjoy a functional and decorative desktop statue to organize their desk and add to their office atmosphere. We also feature several more stock market bookends and gifts for Wall St. brokers including more bronze bull and bear statues.

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