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Glass Cigar Ashtray in Chrome

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Product Details

Fine cigars rest easier in fine El Casco ashtrays! Imported from Spain.

El Casco has created a superior crystal glass cigar ashtray designed to hold large cigars (Presidente and Torpedo) with over sized ash tray divots and a chrome finish called the Glass Cigar Ashtray in Chrome. It is hand crafted in the Basque Country of Spain and imported to the United States. The glass cigar ashtrays with a match holder for wooden matches and a swiveling lid. They are designed as outstanding luxury executive cigar gifts that complement upscale offices, boardrooms and lobbies. A truly superior cigar ashtray.

These executive glass cigar ashtrays are highly functional works of art. The shining chrome plating is hand applied in an extensive six-step process of polishing and plating. Each step is carried out by skilled artisans. The silver and glass cigar ashtray has a removable base for easy cleaning.

The shining chrome finish makes this an ideal fit for the executive office or upscale home. Create a professional, elegant atmosphere today. The chrome and crystal ashtrays are fine, luxury executive gifts.

Designed to make the experience of smoking a cigar that much more enjoyable.

Glass Cigar Ashtray in Chrome Features

  • Crystal cigar ashtray
  • Large ash tray divots to hold thick gauge cigars
  • Hand polished, triple plated chrome base
  • Swivel lid to cover ash
  • Perfect for boardrooms and fine establishments
Purchase this luxury cigar ashtray today. It is an embellishment cigar smokers enjoy and respect.

The luxury executive cigar gifts comes in a premium gift box with authentication papers.
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