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El Casco Chrome Business Card Holder

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Product Details

Hand made imported chrome business card holder by El Casco.

This elegant El Casco Chrome Business Card Holder has a timeless style and design. A true original and fine corporate gift idea. It is handmade, polished several times by hand and imported from The Basque Country of Northern Spain.

This the highest quality, professional chrome business card holder you can buy. It is carefully hand polished by artisans, and then hand-plated in real chrome for a superior luster and shine. This silver business card holder and luxurious corporate gift will last forever. The unique chrome business card holder is one of many elegant corporate gift ideas we offer. This business card holder keeps cards neat and organized and displays your business in the most distinguished light.

Accented with the El Casco logo, this is a fine, imported office accessory and it is hand made. An ideal corporate gift idea.

El Casco Chrome Business Card Holder Features

  • Genuine chrome
  • Triple plating process over a hand polished base, for more lustrous and brilliant shine
  • Hand crafted in Northern Spain
  • Imported by El Casco
  • A fine, handcrafted corporate gift
Dimensions: 3 1/2" L x 2 1/4" W x 1 3/8" H

This El Casco Chrome Business Card Holder is an elegant, high caliber corporate gift and desk accessory. Made for corporate settings and upscale offices, it is the most professional business card holder your can buy.

Call us to inquire about engraving options.
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