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Bronze Armillary Dial

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Product Details

A highly detailed reproduction of an antique Bronze Armillary Dial by Authentic Models. Intricately assembled from real bronze and wood this classical Armillary is a desk ornament for the broad and cultured of mind. Representing the same spheres used to chart the universe centuries ago, it is a Rennaissance decoration for the serious collector.

Renaissance scientists liked to have their portrait painted with one hand on a Ptolemaic or Copernican armillary sphere, the epitome of wisdom and knowledge. Own an exact replica of an armillary globe and display it in your home today. Recreated with incredible detail, this is one of the finest you'll find.

The difference between the two world systems was that one used the Earth as the center of the Universe, while the other used the Sun. Each charted the movement of the constellations in the sky. A model of the universe as it was then known at the time, the decorative armillary sphere is composed of connected bronze rings linking the poles and representing the equator and the ecliptic.

Armillary Dimensions: Height: 11.02 in. / 27.99 cm.
Diameter: 7 in. / 17.78 cm.
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