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Genuine Marble Medical Desk Set - Click to enlarge

Genuine Marble Medical Desk Set

For the medical professional seeking a classic style for the office, our genuine marble medical desk set will be the perfect choice. Beauty and style combined with the custom features of this marble desk set are sure to please everyone. Create your custom desk set by choosing from the generous selection of eleven functional pieces. Each marble piece is made of genuine black and tan marble with solid brass and gold plated accents. The marble pieces feature the medical Caduceus symbol also in solid brass with a gold plated finish. Make a lasting impression with our genuine marble medical desk set.

Marble Medical Letter OpenerMarble Medical Letter Opener
The Marble Medical Letter Opener is a very classic physicians gift. It features a real genuine marble handle with a gold plated Caduceus symbol and letter opener blade. It will become one of the more prominent desk accessories for physicians and doctors. It adds authority and decoration to a doctors desk, as well as all types of medical offices and medical labs.

This marble medical letter opener is of very high quality, and also very affordable, making it a wonderful physician gift, and one of the more popular Christmas gifts for doctors. More marble medical desk accessories are also available.

Marble Medical Letter Opener

  • Genuine marble handle with gold Caduceus symbol
  • Elegant gold plated blade
  • Perfect as a physician, doctor or medical professional gift
  • Matching marble medical desk accessories available

This letter opener is part of the marble medical desk set and can be matched with any of our marble medical desk accessories including pen holders, paperweights and medical clocks.

Item #  d010m-bb

Medical Memo Pad Holder and Pen StandMedical Memo Pad Holder and Pen Stand
This Medical Memo Pad and Pen Holder with a marble base is an excellent desk accessory for the doctor or physician's office. It features a rich black and gold marble pattern, with gold pen and stand, memo pad holder and gold Caduceus symbol at the base of the pen holder. Doctors and assistants can take notes, write prescriptions and memos with an elegant writing instrument in a decorative pen holder and stand.

A professional medical desk set that any physician or doctor will greatly appreciate. This doctor's pen and note pad set is a wonderful gift for physicians, or from a doctor to a receptionist or office assistant.

Medical Memo Pad and Pen Holder Features

  • Rich black and gold genuine marble base
  • Elegant gold finish pen and stand, memo pad holder and Caduceus symbol
  • Matches the black marble medical desk set
  • Perfect for a doctor's or physician's office
  • 3 x 3 note holder
  • Measures: 4.75L x 8W x 5.8H

This memo pad and pen set is a rich and decorative desk top accessory.

Item #  d012m-bb

Marble Doctor's Business Card Holder (Black & Tan)Marble Doctor's Business Card Holder (Black & Tan)
The Marble Doctor's Business Card Holder (Black & Tan) is made of genuine marble with a polished brass medical emblem on a metal stand. This unique and professional desktop doctor business card holder features excellent craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. An attractive addition to a doctor's reception desk.

Business card holders have always been an essential desk accessory, especially for medical professionals, so give your doctor the very best, and they can display their medical business cards with pride.

This marble medical business card holder is an attractive desktop accent that adds a measure of authority and prominence to any doctor's office. It is a great gift for a doctor, physician or medical professionals. Combine with a desk set for a truly memorable gift.

Marble Doctor's Business Card Holder (Black & Tan) Features

  • Polished marble business card holder base
  • Brass Caduceus symbol
  • Metal business card stand
  • Holds several medical business cards
  • Perfect gift for medical professionals and doctors

The Marble Doctor's Business Card Holder (Black & Tan) is an excellent doctor's desk accessory. It also part of our gifts for doctors collection, and the genuine marble medical desk set.

Item #  d014m-bb

Doctors Marble Pencil BoxDoctors Marble Pencil Box
The Doctors Marble Pencil Box features a medical brass Caduceus symbol, is a small round desk organizer for pens, pencils and more. It is an ideal doctors gift and the perfect place for your physician to store his prescription pen. Made of lustrous black marble with a Caduceus symbol on the front, and because of it's beautiful marble face and convenience, it will certainly become one of their favorite desk top accessories.

The marble medical pencil box is also not just an excellent desk organizer for doctors, but nurses and medical assistants. It is large enough to store a few desk accessories that clutter up a physicians desk like pens, pencils and small memo note pads. It is also nice enough to make a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gift for a new physician, or graduating medical school student, something they will certainly remember and appreciate.

Medical Doctors Marble Pencil Box Features

  • Made of Genuine black marble
  • Polished gold finish Caduceus symbol
  • Holds pens, pencils and small desktop items (not included)
  • Measures: 4 1/2" H x 3 1/8" L x 1 5/8" W

This pencil box and personal organizer is made of genuine marble and just one of our gifts for doctors and medical students. Search for more medical organizers today. We have several welcome and unique gifts for a medical school graduates or aspiring doctors including complete desk sets.

Item #  d015m-bb

Doctors Round Marble BoxDoctors Round Marble Box
The Doctors Round Marble Box and desktop organizer features the Caduceus medical symbol. Made from genuine marble, this is an excellent organizer for doctors, nurses and physicians. It features real black and tan genuine marble for a truly professional look and feel, and the lid features a gold plated Caduceus symbol.

The small but heavy-weight medical desktop organizer is ideal for storing all kinds of desk top supplies like paper clips, small note pads and more. Fits neatly on the smallest desk tops and perfect for those who work in the medical profession who need a simple, professional desktop storage box. A great gift for medical school graduates!

Doctors Round Marble Box Features

  • Genuine marble
  • Gold plated Caduceus symbol
  • Stores small desk items
  • Perfect medical box for small desk items

Dimensions: 4" Diam. x 2" H

This marble desktop organizer for doctors is an excellent gift idea for occasions like weddings and birthdays. It can also be purchased in larger quantities for corporate law firms. Call us about rebates on your volume order.

Item #  d016m-bb

Medical Clock and Letter RackMedical Clock and Letter Rack
The marble Medical Clock and Letter Rack is a very functional desktop organizer for the multi tasking medical professional. It is made of solid genuine marble and features a precision movement quartz clock with polished brass accents, that also serves as a letter rack that holds bills, invoices, laboratory results or anything else a doctor or medical professional needs to keep filed and handy in their everyday lives.

This multi-functional desktop organizer for doctors is very useful and decorative, it is one of the gifts they will use everyday. The marble letter rack will keep medical and business letters all in one place for easier organization, and since the medical clock and letter rack is made of genuine marble, it will last a very long time. It the desk top organizer every doctor's office should have.

Buy one today as a special doctors gift, or buy several for a medical school graduating class. We offer bulk discounts on large orders. Every medical professional needs a personal medical organizer like this!

Medical Clock and Letter Rack Features

  • Made of solid genuine marble
  • Features precision movement quartz clock with polished accents
  • Holds several bills, letters and lab reports
  • Perfect for the medical school graduate or doctor's office
  • Sturdy and rugged personal medical organizer

This useful desktop organizer and personal medical organizer makes a great doctors gift, or gift for a medical school graduation class. We also have several more doctors gifts and personal medical organizers available in our Gifts for Doctors category.

Item #  d017m-bb

Medical Double Pen StandMedical Double Pen Stand

The marble Medical Double Pen Stand is a marvelous desk accessory for any professional doctor's or physician's office. Made of solid, genuine marble in a rich black and gold color, the marble doctors pen stand will add a professional presence to any doctor's desk. It features a gold plated Caduceus symbol on the base, so this is the pen stand for hospitals, physical therapy offices, labs, and more medical offices.

This makes a great gift for your medical professional, or medical school students. Each marble doctors pen stand is made with the highest quality materials and will elegantly stand the test of time. It is a beautiful pen stand for hospitals and doctor's offices.

This pen stand is part of the genuine marble medical desk set, but is sold separately. View all of our pen stands for hospitals and doctors today. Or, browse our complete desk sets for medical students and doctors. We feature pen stands and holders in glass and marble as well as complete desk sets for medical professionals.

Features of Medical Double Pen Stand

  • Made of genuine black and gold marble
  • Gold plated pen stands and pen
  • Gold plated Caduceus symbol
  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • Perfect gift for medical students or doctors offices and hospitals

The Marble Medical Double Pen Stand can also be paired with any one of our marble desk accessories for doctors.

Item #  d018m-bb

Medical Business Card Holder & Pen HolderMedical Business Card Holder & Pen Holder
The Medical Business Card Holder & Pen Holder is a great desk accessory for the doctor's office. This marble and brass pen stand and business card holder is just for doctors, because it features a shiny, brass Caduceus, a symbol of the medical profession.

This marble doctor pen stand and business card holder matches all kinds of decor and displays a doctor's business cards in an elegant fashion. The black and tan marble base is cut with a distinctive bevel, and its weight and strength make this a prominent doctor's desk accessory a medical professional will be proud to own.

Medical Business Card Holder & Pen Holder Features

  • Solid marble base in black and tan
  • Elegant pen stand and business card holder
  • Polished brass Caduceus symbol
  • Holds several business cards and one pen
  • Pen included

The doctors business card holder and desk pen stand is an excellent gift for your doctor or physician. Pair it with our medical desk set (click here) that also comes in black marble.

Call our toll-free customer service number with questions.

Item #  d020m-bb

Doctor BookendsDoctor Bookends
This set of black and tan marble Doctor Bookends make a perfect desk accessory for doctors. They are an excellent doctor gift or med school graduate gift idea. The high quality doctor bookends are made of solid genuine marble and they feature a Caduceus symbol made of brass mounted on the front. The brass Caduceus matches the colors of the black and tan marble perfectly. These doctors bookends are very elegant and stylish with a trapezoidal cut and rounded edges. The medical bookends are a fine doctor gift on Christmas or a special occasion. They also make excellent medical school graduation gifts. Heavy weighted, they hold thick medical journals and books on a desktop or shelf.

Doctor Bookends Feature

  • Tarnish proof Caduceus symbol on marble
  • Elegant black and tan marble bookend material
  • Pair with our medical desk sets
Measures 6" H x 4 1/4" L x 2 1/8" W The black and tan marble Doctor Bookends are a welcome gift for new doctors for the office or home. Austere, they reflect the medical profession with a traditional caduceus symbol. They will match our genuine black marble desk set.
Item #  r11m-bb

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