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Barn Wood Window Picture Frame

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Product Details

Using an all-natural, real barn wood outer frame border that is 3" wide and narrow 1" real barn wood inner frames that form four window pane picture frames, this original Barn Wood Window Picture Frame is a rustic classic. The window pane collage frame looks just like an old barn window with panes. The frame is made from actual barn wood so it is completely realistic. A rustic beauty that will bring old New England charm and atmosphere to your home!

This 4 Photo Barn Wood Window Picture Frame is a collage frame like no other. Insert your four favorite pictures or get creative and make a larger picture from four smaller ones. It wil be like looking into the past, seeing your pictures through the window panes of an old antique barn! The barn wood window picture frame functions like a collage frame. It will hold 4 of your favorite 5X7 photos. It is available in a variety of colors and 3 finishes. Select them from the drop down list above.

The classic, rustic barn wood window pane picture frame is as unique and authentic as they come. Made from barn wood taken right from aging New England barns, this wonderful window pane collage picture frame is a beautiful addition to any home.

Barn Wood Window Picture Frame Features

  • Made of authentic, real barn wood
  • Designed after old New England barn windows
  • Functions like a collage frame, looks like a window pane
  • Classic, rustic charm
  • Authentic and original
Frame Size: holds four 5x7 frames

Genuine rustic barn wood frames are made from wood that has weathered naturally outside. The natural finish ranges from a dark brown to a really washed out gray depending on the current stock. We also offer several colored finishes like Rustic which is a painting process of dry brushing and sanding to mimic painted barns that have aged and have worn spots. Antiqued which is a process involving painting with one color, sanding in appropriate spots to give it that "worn" look, and then the application of an antiquing agent in either brown or black to give it that "aged" look. Distressed which is a process where we paint a base coat and then dry brush a coat of a different color over the top leaving the base to show through in parts.
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