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Scales Of Justice Statue

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Product Details

The Justice Scales Statue has been the symbol of equality for ages. It is the guiding principle in our system of law. It represents fairness and balance in the legal system and judgment. The Justice Scale is a symbol everyone will respect. Our scale of justice symbolizes equality in the law. It is an excellent gift for any lawyer or law firm.

The scale of justice decoration has a bronzed finish. It is simple yet elegant and authoritative. The Justice Scales statue is a perfect accent to your law firm office, courtroom or attorney office. It is also a wonderful lawyers gift for a new law school grad or attorney opening up their own practice.

Lawyers, this legal sculpture is a professional gift idea and one of our best selling law related decorations. It creates an atmosphere of authority and respect for the legal system. Perfect for clients and your own office. Place the justice scales in your waiting room or your own office.

Justice Scales Statue Features

  • Bronze finish
  • Replica of the respected legal Justice Scales
  • Judges gift, lawyer's decoration or law grad gift
  • Realistic and decorative
Dimensions: 17 x 21.5 x 5.5

Order the Justice Scales statues for your office today! It's a distinct and authoritative lawyer's decoration and a fine statue to place in your office. For a judge, lawyer or attorney.

The Scales of Justice decoration is the true symbol of balance in our legal system. The Justice Scales statue is a meaningful professional gift for a judge, lawyer or attorney. Ideal decoration for a law office or courtroom.
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