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Wooden Airplane Propeller

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Product Details

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A beautiful and historically accurate reproduction of a WWI Wooden Airplane Propeller. This piece of aviation history is brilliantly crafted to exact scale from actual plans for wooden airplane propellers used in WWI. It is a classic addition to your home and a true historic WWI replica antique. Hang above the mantel, or showcase in a memorabilia case. This Authentic Models wooden airplane propeller is the most accurate reproduction you will find anywhere. The propeller can be hung in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal position; whatever placement you choose for the bracket on the back of the propeller determines the angle of the prop once it's hung up. You have to attach one of the brackets to the back of the propeller with the center prong facing downward. Then attach the other bracket to the wall with the center prong facing up. Then the two brackets slide into each other.

The antique wood airplane propeller decoration is not just designed like the originals but it is made in exactly the same way as the original propellers. From the same wood. It captures the smallest details as well. It is the closest you will come to owning an original without taking it right off a historic plane.

The shape and contours are identical to the real WWI wooden airplane propellers. The wood is harvested from the same plantations as the originals. An incredible decoration for your den, it is a piece of aviation history.

WW1 Wooden Airplane Propeller Details

  • Collectible, highly detailed, historical WWI replica wood airplane propeller
  • An icon of early flight made in the exact same way as the originals from hardwood that comes from birch plantations in Kamchatka
  • Made to the exact dimensions and specifications of original WWI wooden airplane propellers
  • Original hardware is replicated to the smallest details
Dimensions: 73.2" L x 6" W x 3.5" H

Order this authentic reproduction WW1 wooden airplane propeller today from Authentic Models! It is made exactly like the originals. A stunning piece of WWI decor and memorabilia, and a true historical replica.

For an authentic antique propeller, this is the closest you can come without spending a fortune. It's a wonderful conversation piece.

Purchase yours today to complete your aviation decorations.
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