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Tropical Breeze Cake Topper

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Product Details

Swaying palm tree cake topper. Porcelain palm tree statuettes gently collide over an embracing bride and groom to form a heart. What better way to capture the soothing romance of a tropical wedding ceremony? The Tropical Breeze Cake Topper is so romantic guests will never want to leave your piece of paradise.

This palm tree cake topper is made just for your tropical wedding. The glazed white porcelain tropical cake topper is truly unique to those island "escape" weddings where there's nothing to do but enjoy the romance.

Tropical Breeze Cake Topper Details

  • Palm tree cake topper statuettes
  • Bending palms form a heart over the bride and groom
  • Glazed porcelain in natural white
  • Modern style, for tropical beach weddings
  • Dimensions: 5 3/4" H
This is the perfect palm tree cake topper for your island tropical wedding. The Tropical Breeze Cake Topper will add unique charm and style to the ceremony. It's a classic and one to keep forever.

The tropical breeze cake topper features two palm trees bending into a heart shape around the bride and groom. It has a porcelain base and a modern design. A stunning addition to your tropical wedding accessories.
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