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Whimsical Bliss Sitting Ethnic Bride and Groom Figurines

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Product Details

The Whimsical Bliss Sitting Ethnic Bride and Groom Figurines express one of the sweetest romantic moments, the first kiss, on the sweetest part of the wedding-the cake! This beautiful ethnic bride and groom figurine will certainly touch the hearts of all your guests. Both are barefoot and carefree and ready to embrace in a lovely first kiss.

There are few more romantic scenes than this. If you are decorating for a romantic theme wedding, or have a sentimental theme, this wedding cake topper is a definite must have on your wedding cake. It looks especially beautiful on heart shaped cakes, and matches both white and ivory wedding decor. Add a personalized look to the bride and groom by choosing from one of our six custom hair colors. Please note that hair color personalization requires 5-7 business days for processing. Our artists must completely paint over the top of the original hair color in order to accommodate your personalization request. As result, a personalized hair color will not be an exact match when compared to hair colors that were applied during the initial production.

Turn your wedding cake into a romantic statement that is sweeter than sugar and icing. This cake figurine set is made for young romance weddings.

Whimsical Bliss Ethnic Bride and Groom Features

  • Beautiful first kiss scene
  • Romantic cake topper for heart shape wedding cakes
  • Ideal for romance and love wedding themes
  • Hand painted porcelain
  • 4" Long, 5.75" Tall. Base: 1-3/4 x 4

The whimsical and blissful wedding scene is also available in a Caucasian bride and groom figurine set. One of the sweetest sentiments at your wedding!

The Whimsical Sitting Ethnic Bride and Groom Figurines are a picture of wedded bliss. Use them on an imaginative cake or cup cake tower top. This relaxed, barefoot couple will make all your guests smile as they lean in for a kiss!
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